Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fat former self sez (photo #3)

The epic fitness goal continues!

I'm so psyched to announce that I'm now past 185 lbs, with a total loss of 25 lbs so far. Fitness, healthy eating and weight loss is my big goal for 2012 and it's going really well so far. It's actually been surprisingly straightforward after making some serious and well-thought-out changes to diet and exercise. (See this old blog post for details). In honour of this progress, here's the next installment of my self-imposed internet meme "Fat Former Self".

Now, why the hell would I intentionally post horrible photos of me at an earlier weight? Well... lots of reasons. It's fun to share a sort of ridiculous before/after style photo with friends, but more importantly, this is my way of increasing social pressure on myself to make sure I maintain this weight loss. By tracking down horrid photos of me as "Fat Former Self" (and also, referring to my old pics as that), I'm celebrating how much happier I am with my weight loss/fitness progress so far. Each photo reminds me further why I'm so glad I've made these healthy changes, and how I never want to drop the ball in the future and end up re-gaining this weight.

Good luck to all of you also working hard to lose weight and get healthy - it's tough, but it's SO worth it. Keep working hard. MyFitnessPal is an awesome website/iPhone app, and I've found it incredibly helpful to keep my head in the game, and really learn about calories, it's been very surprising and enlightening.

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