Saturday, April 07, 2012

Quoted in EaterSF Article!

haha, this is awesome. EaterSF just quoted me in their article about Wise Sons Deli in The Mission, this is hilarious.

About the Pastrami:
Blogger Mike Jutan writes, “the pastrami really holds up and the portion is more reasonable/less over-the-top than the usual Katz or Carnegie ‘whole-cow’ style.”

About the Pickles:
Blogger Mike Jutan asks and answers: “so... how are the pickles? The answer: garlicy enough to kill 1,000 vampires and crunchy like the wolf.” 

Haha, "Blogger Mike Jutan" :) I really love that Deli and this EaterSF article is some great further promo for them. The demand there is justifiably very high... Go Wise Sons! I'll have to go there again soon (well, not during Passover) :)

Thanks to Aliza for the heads up about the article!

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