Monday, April 30, 2012

Website update

Mid-size website update tonight. As always, check it out at

What's new:
  • Updated ILM page with Avengers credit
  • Updated Resume
  • New image rotations on main page, added new Ferry Building image
  • Modified Photo page (more of that later)
  • Updated Where I've Been Map
  • Couple other smaller updates
Later, I think I am going to maybe update the photo gallery a little more and split the photos into galleries by photo type (Nature, People, Architecture), something like that. I will also probably pair down the "best photos" a little more and choose a smaller amount. I'm also planning to start spending more time on post-processing in the future so I may re-release some of the existing images after some post-processing work later in the year. Plus, of course, a selection of the best photos from South America!!

Good times,
Mike :)

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