Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sculpture Class #1

This evening I went to my first of 8 "Beginner Sculpture" classes! It was awesome, and I expected my work would suck (I don't think I've "sculpted" anything since Elementary School, and I wasn't good then), but I figured - hey, why not try it.

Anyway, our teacher is super amazing and hilarious, and I REALLY enjoyed it, the 3 hours zoomed by. We set up an armature and then gave it a basic pose, and then learned about clay and the tools a little bit. And then a model came in and posed 4 separate times, facing different directions. It was an awesome class and I felt really surprised at the form I got after only 1.5 or 2hrs or so of work.

I spent most of the time on the abdomen/thigh/lower back/gluteal area and also a bit on the legs. I am pretty happy with the upper thigh and stomach area. There are definitely some weight issues in the torso, I think it's not in proportion yet with the rest of the body (needs more clay), and I need to give her arms, a few other defining features, and also spend a LOT of time on the head/neck/shoulders. I found the head very tough to get a good read on, and getting the shape of the chin and sides of the face etc was very tough and finicky. I will definitely need to spend more time on this next class.

Anyway, first sculpture EVER?!?!? That was crazy and really fun, and my hands smell like clay a lot (and probably will for a few days) :) Again next week! I'll post photos as it progresses. I think we're doing a male model sculpt as well later on in the class. This rocks.

Other side. This is probably my favourite angle so far. The upper thigh, leg, stomach seem to blend together well, I like how the proportions are turning out. The other side needs some work, but this one is coming together. Needs more weight up top though, the front and back look too thin.
Yoojin took this photo of me taking my photos :)

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