Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sculpture Class #2

Tonight at Sculpture Class, we spent the first part of the class posing the armature. That involved cutting the clay from the previous class and re-posing based on the model's position. We then spent the majority of the rest of the time sculpting, it was great. I feel like I made some progress this time. My proportions were totally off on the sides last time, and things are getting more in line now. The shoulders still look too manly (I think I need less clay up there) and the head and neck need a lot of work as well as the feet, and I'll need to add arms and hands in at some point, but this is going pretty well so far.

I'm starting to like the look of the thigh muscles here, and I've finally got some accurate detail in the diaphragm and stomach areas. Hips are looking better, but need more work.
Top of leg needs more clay, but front is staring to look better. Leg silhouette is kinda awesome, probably my favourite part.
Feet need some more work.
I've filled in the upper shoulders better now, and I think that's not bad. Neck though and shoulders need more work, and shoulders are still too broad and manly, they need to be smaller I think.

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