Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Starfish (friend's Indiegogo Charity Project): Video

From Starfish Nyeri (Kenya), a video they made just for me! This is because I contributed to their Indiegogo fundraiser campaign at a certain level. Check out their fundraising campaign here if you want an awesome thank-you video for yourself too. :) Note that they have already surpassed their minimum fundraising goal, but I'm confident they will make good use out of any donations over and above.
Mike your donation will make a big difference in Anne's life and we thank you!!! Just so you know a little bit about this talented singer she loves music, skipping and is incredibly ticklish :)

Adorable, and a really amazing campaign run by my old high school friend Rachel and her friend Mary. Nice work, guys. There's a lot of terrible and sad things always happening in the world, and it's so beautiful to see this kind of hard work and energy going into something so important. Learn more here.

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