Friday, August 02, 2013

Texas 2013 Day 1: Carne Guisada

Texas 2013 Day 1: Carne Guisada

Tonight shall forever more be known as the night of Carne GUIsada!!

Frank and I arrived in the evening, pretty late to Austin, Texas for the start of this glorious trip of awesome back to Frank and Jess's homeland. Frank's sister Susie picked us up and we drove by one of the only places open at 1am, a place called Taco Cabana. Now this is some sort of chain restaurant, but I tell ya, the food was awesome.

I thought Frank asked me if I wanted some "Carne Asada", a standard beef item on the menu at any Mexican place I've ever been to. "Carne... Asada?" I asked. "No, Carne GUI-sada" he responded, "It's stewed beef". We got that and some "Queso" (also awesome) and went back to Susie's to scarf down the food and sleep. Couldn't sleep too early because of jet lag and staying up too late recently... so got to bed at about 3:30am. Up at 7am, sent some emails, said Hi to her orange/ginger cat, and then back to sleep.

When we got up the next morning I figured it was going to be HOT. Attempting to be funny and cultured and only a bit vulgar, I aimed to quote Shakespeare: "It's as hot as a witches' teet out there!" Susie is as sharp as a tack and said, "Wait, don't you mean cold?!" Guess I got the quote wrong. And good money is on the fact that Shakespeare never said this.

Anyway, Texas is friggin' awesome. Psyched to be here!

I don't know what this means, but man this is gonna be hot
Frank rockin' some late night tacos

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