Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Texas 2013 Day 5: Schlitterbahn Water Park

Texas 2013 Day 5: Schlitterbahn Water Park

Quick cereal for breakfast and off we go!!!!!!!!! Today was our big day to spend at Schlitterbahn Water Park. Frank, Caitlin and I got our suits, grabbed the sunblock and took off for a day of awesome water park action.

It was amazing times. The first ride was a long wait but was well worth it. After that we headed to a ride called the Soda Straws which are 2 slides - one green, one blue. It was amazing and Frank and I raced on it a few times, and then switched slides to see if Frank still won. I think he won every time! We then headed on the bus to the 2nd half of the park, which was really crazily huge and rockin'.

Over there they had an uphill water slide!! I'd never seen anything like that. The line for it was about an hour but we had to do it. A cool thing about Schlitterbahn is they are super well organized... all of the main waiting areas had shades over them so you didn't get a massive sunburn, and there were water fountains all over the place too. After that we did a dark slide which was kindof like white water rafting.

Here we go!!!
Main area at 2nd park, with amazing uphill water slide
The start of the uphill water slide
Then we headed back to the original park and re-applied sunscreen like a boss. That was super necessary, it was really nice out but still super hot. We did some tube shoot things which were sortof like inner tube rapids. That was awesome too. The best part was at the end of one of them, a lifeguard girl saw my bathing suit and said, "Cool, are those sunflowers?!!!!" Haha. Yep, that bathing suit totally rocks.

Then it was time to race with Frank again. We got to the "Der Bahn" racing slides and did it a few times, gaining more experience in aerodynamics with each progressive run. By our 5th time on that slide, we were ready and optimized for speed. 3... 2... 1... BOOM!!!!!!!!!! We took off with great speed and precision... and I think we just about broke the sound barrier :) Actually, we were going REALLY fast. When we got to the end of that run, we were zooming so fast we had hardly slowed down before almost the very end of the slide! The lifeguard there was amazed "Whoooaaaaa!" haha, that was totally awesome. We were going super fast. That friggin' rocked.

Der Bahn Speed Slides where Frank and I broke the speed of sound
We shared a big pretzel and took a short break before hitting up the soda straws again a few more times. After lots of sun and good times, Jess picked us up and we headed to Huisatch Grill for dinner, a fancy and really nice spot. We shared a fried brie which rocked, and also I had some amazing salmon. Jess's Dad got us some tasty Champagne!! It was a great time.

Fancy champagne for dinner
Tasty brie
Local fish
We then headed back home... via H.E.B. to grab pretty much every single Blue Bell ice cream special edition flavour that we wanted to try. It was fantastic. :)

Frank and Me excited about our ice cream purchase
Just trying out a few flavours :)
Water park, tasty dinner, and a ton of awesome ice cream?!?! It would be pretty hard to improve on this day I think :) What a great time we are having here, and lots more to come!

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