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Texas 2013 Day 11: Wrap up

Texas 2013 Day 11: Wrap up

And... here we are. What an awesome trip. It went by SO fast! Everyone had a great time and it was a huge success.

For the last day in Texas, we started by cleaning the lake house and packing up all of our stuff so we could chill out and enjoy the day. After prepping everything and heading back to Buc-ee's to get some more beef jerky for me to take home, and going to H.E.B. so I could buy some of their amazing coffee to take home... we got everything ready to go and then headed to the Dry Comal Creek winery.

Dry Comal Creek winery
It was great to actually have a chance to go there as we were worried about potentially missing it. The tasting was great and I really liked the White Black Spanish wine I'd already bought. The had a great French Colombard which she called a "front porch wine" which is exactly the kind I like. :) It said "Demi-Sweet" but it was pretty sweet, just not over-the-top. Great stuff. Their Sangria was also amazing and I got an extra glass of that.

Then we headed to Frank's parents' place to chill out and enjoy ourselves before heading out for the drive back to Austin to the airport. We took a little break out at a funny outdoor furniture store, which had some funny stuff.

Outdoor furniture craziness
We then spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at Frank's parents' place. It was great to chat and enjoy their company some more, and also play with the cats. I was particularly excited to see sweet Gracie again because he was so sweet and rolled around a lot outside while I was petting him. He is an amazing and awesome cat.

We had some great food for dinner and Frank's parents as always made us feel so happy and welcome and comfortable. It was a real pleasure to get to spend so much time with them and to be welcomed into their home with such open arms. What a great time! We enjoyed it there and chatted for a few hours before heading back to get our stuff and off to the airport in Austin.

Here are a few photos of the cool souveniers that I took back to San Francisco.

Awesome ceramic bird I bought
Bright shoes from the Adidas outlet
Hilarious socks I got at Buc-ee's... seems like they should almost be Canadian. A moose with a beer and a beaver in a life jacket?!
The beaver in the speedo is hilarious
Iced Tea tea bags and Pecan Pralines to take into work
My awesome belt, steer buckle, and extra buckle
My boots!
Oh these boots are so awesome
Don't mess with it
Spicy Jams
Franklin BBQ sauce
Whiskey and Wine
Amazing coffee from H.E.B.
Flavoured salt, Texas keychain and Mango tea from Jess's family
What a great time we had in Texas. I was so happy that Frank and Jess invited us to come see life as they lived it as children. It was really cool to see some of the places that Jake and my other Texan friends have talked about and to experience the culture for myself. As usual, that's the part I find the most interesting.

Also, WOW. That Franklin BBQ brisket was REALLY good.

Y'all like it? Y'ount'to go to Texas someday too?
-Mike Jutan
July 2013

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