Monday, August 12, 2013

Texas 2013 Day 4: Fail, but not really at all

Texas 2013 Day 4: Fail, but not really at all

This morning, Jess's family came over and we had some biscuits for breakfast. Mmm. We then headed out to attempt to see the LBJ Wildflower Garden, only to find out it was closed on Mondays!! Oh no! Not a big deal, and plenty more cool stuff on our to-do list, so we headed off to this fancy creek/water hole where apparently you can go swimming. Sounded like fun and the entrance was hilarious, you had to just drive to the side of a highway onramp, stop and park on the side of the road, and walk into the woods via the somewhat less than obvious path. Awesome.

We got to the creek and... there was NO water there!!!!! Haha, fail!!! We joked that it was also "Closed Mondays". I went for a swim anyway.

Swimming in a dry lake
I think I see some water!
We gave up on these activities and headed for lunch into Austin, finding a BBQ place right by UT in Austin. I got Brisket: Round 1... an attempt to try a "normal quality" Texas BBQ Brisket so that I can adequately appreciate the unbelievable legendary Franklin BBQ in Austin at the end of the trip. It was very tasty. For dessert, we got Ice Cream sandwiches from this crazy cookie place that makes their own cookies and will make an ice cream sandwich for you out of whatever cookies you want... you can even mix-and-match (obviously, I did that). The place also delivers cookies and is right off the UT campus... so I can imagine that being a very dangerous situation on those long study session evenings!

Brisket: Part 1
A Cookie Delivery company in Austin. This state is full of geniuses.
They made us fresh cookies and then turned them into Ice Cream Sandwiches for us
Frank passed out from the awesomeness
We then headed back to the lake house. It is much cooler today comparatively which has been really nice. We did some reading, chatted a bunch, and then went swimming in the lake and jumped from the dock which was super fun. The evening was filled with more reading and chatting.

Swimming in the lake
Avocado balls
Carne Guisada
We had a later dinner of Tex-Mex food. I got Carne Guisada again because I really love that stuff. It is so good, and this one had more tomatoes that the last one I had. It actually reminded me a bit of Lomo Saltado from Peru. For dessert... Lemon Pie!! It was so good I wanted to punch myself in the face. After some chillin on the couch, it was time for bed. Another fun day, and it's awesome to travel with such great people who can just roll with it when things don't go totally as planned. We had a few mishaps (we started off the morning by calling it "Mishap Monday") but no worries... any day that ends with some freakin' deck jumping and carne guisada has got to be pretty good!

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