Monday, March 19, 2007

Congratulations breakfast

A week or two ago, my parents came up to Waterloo to have a congratulatory breakfast for me!!!!!!! We had it at my sister Norma's house, complete with Gefilte fish at 9:30am. It was awesome and the breakfast was fantastic, but I wasn't quite sure if I could handle Gefilte fish that early in the morning, haha. I had some awwwessooome smoked salmon though which was definitely edible and slightly less crazy for breakfast food than the other fish. :)

Good times. My Mom just sent me a few photos so here they are! As expected my Mom brought lots of ILM-related stuff for my congratulatory breakfast (pirate hat for Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter plates, Yoda napkins, all the fixins.) Haha my family rocks.


Me and Ben, my sister's new cat

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