Sunday, March 18, 2007

Posted some articles, St. Paddy's

I just posted a couple of articles that I wrote this term about mobile devices and about electronic monitoring in the workplace. Good times.

Today was insane. We went to Bomber at 10:30am and joined the line of several hundred people waiting to get into Bomber. It was a huge St. Paddy's Day celebration today, and I've never been to it before... but wow it was totally worth it. Almost literally a bazillion of my coolest friends were there, there was an Irish band that was rockin' out some Counting Crows, Green Day, the "I would walk 500 miles" song, Sublime and more. It was fantastic. There were some kids that came in and did some Irish Dancing too which was pretty cool. We danced it up, and went outside a few times to cool off. The weather wasn't bad today, maybe 4 degrees or so but it should warm up more next week.

I've got to do a UI design assignment tomorrow so that is a bit of a bugger, I've sort of left it until the last minute. I never do that. But I guess there is a lot going on right now, and getting sorted and finishing off school and everything. Glad I still have tomorrow though to sort out more details. I gotta do my taxes too.

Anyway lots of stuff going on lately as you might expect. I gotta get my flight to Europe booked and paid for and sorted out. Crazyness. Well it's pretty late and I spent all day partying which was definitely awesome, but I've got a lot of stuff on my plate I need to take care of tomorrow. One of which includes seeing 300, so I better get that assignment done by tomorrow night!!

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