Friday, March 23, 2007

Craaaazy day

Wow what a crazy day. Started by going to bed at 4:30am after an awesome but insane night at Bomber. I had some friends who were sad about stuff too do I had to solve some problems for people. Crazyness. Then the usual 7:30am wakeup on Thursday for 8:30am class. Yes kind friends, that's only 3 hrs of sleep. Then off to class. Then chillin', I saw Norm for a bit which rocked. Then History of the Holocaust class which was really intense and powerful and upsetting today. Then we walked to Joel's house. Then we watched Edward Scissorhands for our Soundtracks in Film class. Then I walked to the Fine Arts building for the Opening of the 4th year final Art Show. It rocked. And I got free cheese, so that rocked too. Then to the SLC, then to Soundtracks in Film class. Then to Bubble Tea afterwards for a few hours. Then back home to chat with a good friend who is having some problems at the moment, very good to talk it through so I know the real story over there and taking comfort in the fact that I know the real story now. Now it's 3:18am. I've been up for about 21 hours. I gotta get some sleep.

Man... what a crazy day!!

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