Tuesday, March 06, 2007

San Francisco weekend

As I mentioned in my previous post, this past weekend I went to San Francisco and I saw some of my awesome friends, stayed at a really cool Hotel in the City, went to the Ferry Building for the usual bread/cheese/coffee combo, got some legendary Chinese food at Nan King and some awesome sushi at the sushi boat restaurant. As Stephen Colbert would say, "Great trip... or Greatest trip?!!"

Snow in Canada before leaving

Man it's cold in Canada!

A slightly concerning Windows blue screen one one of the airport screens

Stopover in Phoenix!!

Hey look, it's John Yee from Autodesk!!!!! John was going to GDC in San Francisco and was on my plane.

Complimentary wine at the Hotel

Cool lounge area at the Hotel

Cool sculpture

Lounge area

The outside of the Hotel

Chinatown gate

Wahoo!!!!! My awesome "Celebrity Suite!!" Yeah for free upgrades!!

Lion dance starting in Chinatown


Ans you would have loved to see this

Good times

Sushi Boat restaurant I went to with John Yee, and he ate this set right after I took the picture

Possibly the funniest thing all weekend, the sushi boat restaurant sends around other stuff that is not sushi on the boats. Like this slice of cheesecake, which seems so out of place.

My Hotel

Hahahaha!!!!!!!!! Ok so these hotels are nuts, and they have animal-pattern robes in the rooms that you can wear. Obviously I had to meet the customs of the hotel.

Cool mirror

Art gallery at the hotel

Beautiful weather!! It was -35 Celcius in Toronto, and 19 Celcius in San Francisco!!

Palm Trees

Great pic of the Ferry Building

Ruth and I in the evening

Kev, Jake, Amanda, Jon and Angelique

Jon and Angelique

Sean, Bill, Ruth and Sarah

Workin' it


Awesome pic of all of us eating at Nan King

Coffee at Cafe Trieste in North Beach after dinner


Um... awesome.

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Simply Me said...

heart broken... ok taylor and I heart broken.... You can't just come in the states and not tell us way down here in the OC!!!! I demand a do over. Do OVER!!!

Looks like fun, miss everyone :( but sooo glad you got to go