Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I stayed in Jerry Garcia's Hotel Room

This was nuts. I was in San Francisco this weekend and I stayed at the Hotel Triton (it was awwessooome!!!!!) When I arrived they told me that I had been "upgraded" - to a Celebrity Suite!!!!!!!! Amazing. So I got to stay in the Jerry Garcia room, and his original artwork was on the wall along with his signature and photos and more. It was SO cool. I'll post more pics from San Francisco in the next post.

A personal note from the front desk making sure I was happy!!

Jerry Garcia's tyes

The hotel room

When in doubt, use the iPod Stereo

Awesome!! Jerry Garcia's signature on the wall

Pic of Jerry Garcia


Awesome TV

Paintings on the wall 1

Paintings on the wall 2

Paintings on the wall 3

Drawings in the bathroom 1

Drawings in the bathroom 2

Drawings in the bathroom 3

Drawings in the bathroom 4

Cool light fixture

Paintings in the room 4

Amazingly comfortable bed

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