Friday, November 28, 2008

The Canada Combo: Tim, Matt and Jer visit

After our Blue Bottle adventure we hung out on Haight St, and met up with Tim's awesome friend Molly who lives here in the city. She is hilarious and we wandered around a bunch and went to the Warming Hut for some glorrrrrrrious Apple Cider and chillin'.

Sat night we partied a bunch at my house, then rocked out on guitars and bongos for a while and then went out to Haight St and it was fantastic.

Sunday just some chillin', working on some stuff with Cabernet and Gatarelli came over and all of us went out for some awesome Thai food. Good stuff!!

The "I can write poems about anything" guy at the Ferry Building

Good one of Timmy on Haight St

Tim and Molly

Gangstas from Stratford, Ontarrrrrrrrriooo!!!!!!

I would not want to run into this bunch in a dark alley

Me, Timmy and the bridge


Big world sculpture with some cool stuff on it, like this fortune cookie fortune

Rockin' out back in my apartment


Matt drinking cold coffee from the morning, right out of the coffee pot

Hahaha, good one of me and Jer (and my sweeeeeeeet new hat)

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