Sunday, November 09, 2008

Computer all ordered and ready to rock

Tonight I finally decided on the monitors and now I've ordered everything for my siiiiiick new computer. The machine and the monitors and the speakers should all arrive around the same time, and maaaaaaaan it's gonna be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

I ended up going with the Dual 22" Dell Ultrasharp widescreens, they were on sale and were actually cheaper than getting 2 Dell 20" Ultrasharp widescreens, so I thought that would be appropriate/legendary.

Anyhow, check this ouuuuuuuuut!!!!!!!

I got 2 of these!!!!!!!!!! My desk is going to be "all monitor" once these arrive. :)

And here are the speakers I ordered... they are 2.1 THX Certified, and CNET's review is clear: "If you're looking for a set of 2.1 speakers, buy these. It's as simple as that." haha. So I am following their good advice. :)

Logitech Z-2300

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