Sunday, November 16, 2008

Got outside :)

Today was a pretty lazy Sunday, and by that I mean I biked for 2 hours and programmed for the rest of the day. :)

After my blog this morning about feeling like I was stuck inside on a glorious day, I decided to pump up my bike tires and go "off-roadin', Jutan style" in Golden Gate Park. I.e. a lot of jumping over tree roots on my bike and carefully going along "roads" made of thick sand and biking up grassy steep hills which had a healthy combination of tree roots AND thick sand. It was glorious.

I biked all the way down to the ocean and then back winding up and down over the hills in Golden Gate Park, on JFK Drive and down all the way to near the Haight St entrance. So that was absolutely awesome, a good 2 hrs of biking or so, and definitely made me happy that I got some good outside time on such a glorious day.

Then got some stuff booked for my trip back to Canada this year and did a bunch if Objective-C for the rest of the day. Good times.

Barack Obama was on 60 minutes and it was a great interview and also it was HILARIOUS!!!! It was really funny to see both Michelle and Barack in the same interview and how they play off one another. They were REALLY funny, it was awesome.

Then Simpsons, some more Objective-C and now just chillin'. Seems like a good evening just to chill out, though if I wasn't already in my PJs I'd probably go grocery shopping right now. :)

So it was a nice weekend, and although I stillll didn't take much time to clean my apartment, I still had a productive and great time. Actually on that note, I think I gotta vacuum the carpet before I need to put my new computer on it. Cool. So something important to do tonight so I don't Facebook for the next 12 hours. :)

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