Thursday, November 06, 2008

I ordered my new computer!!!!!!!!

Here's a message I sent out at work today when I decided I was going to buy my new computer today! :)
Hey all,

So I am so excited I can't contain it and I need to send out a completely unnecessary email about how awesome my new computer at home is gonna be. Just found a sweet deal last night (or, early this morning, as it were) on Dell, the XPS 630 (sick) it's soooooooooooooooo awesommmme!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dual monitors, 512Mb video card, 64-bit, Quad-Core.... oh maaaaaan! Also, even cooler thing is... I AM GETTING THE RED ONE!!!!!!!! It looks like Iron Man!

I feel like this is the kind of excitement the teenagers in "American Graffiti" felt for their new convertibles, just a LOT nerdier (and more awesome)

How many "awesome"s did you count?
Mike :)
Anyhow, this literally is SUPER AMAZING. Here are the specs of what I eventually decided on...
  • Dell XPS 630
  • Intel Core2 Processor Q6600 (2.40Ghz,1066FSB) w/Quad Core Technology and 8MB cache
  • Red Bezel Chassis
  • 4GB DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz
  • Nvidia GeForce 9800GT
  • 750GB SATA 2 Hard Drive 7200RPM
  • Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 Home Premium 64-Bit Edition
  • 16X DVD+R/RW

Sweet looking case

I got the Red one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Iron Man was a siiiick desktop, obviously he would be this one.

This is sooooooooooooooooooooo sick. So there were a few key reasons I went with this one:
  • 64-bit Vista, therefore there are drivers for this video card
  • There was a special, very good deal on this one... amazing price
  • 64-bit means I can eventually add more RAM should I need more than 4GB in the future
  • Presumably now the video card will work well with Linux 64 too
  • I wanted a 512 Mb card
  • This is an NVidia, which is actually even better
  • The 630 series is actually a lot nicer than the 420 series
  • Yes, it comes in glorious, awesome Red, and it looks absolutely awesome
  • The price was awesome already, and after talking to the sales lady, she actually added on an extra discount too so it was even better!!
I ended up NOT getting any monitors with it, or speakers. Why?
  • I am getting Logitech Z-2300's from Amazon. CNet claims that these are the BEST THX 2.1 speakers on the PC Market, no questions asked. The are only $80, so why not?!
  • Since the monitors were actually NOT on sale anyway, there was no particular reason to get them with the system. Now I can research the monitors more carefully. There is no particular reason to get a Dell montior, since they are probably made by Samsung anyway or something. Also still not sure about 2x 20" widescreen or 2x 20" non-widescreen, mostly 'cause Dell's selection of non-widescreens is pretty minimal.
THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many, many more details once it arrives.

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