Saturday, November 15, 2008

ILM Celebration 2008

Last night was siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!!!!!!!!

We had the ILM Celebration 2008 party, which was just as crazy as the one last year, and with evvvvvennn better food!! It was really awesome this year because now I know a lot more people from work and everyone is just so fun and great to hang out with... it makes for SUCH AN AMAZING ENVIRONMENT!!!!!!!!!!!! So all of my amazing buddies from work mixed into a crazy party atmosphere made for a heck of a memorable time. There was a chill area upstairs, a massive dance floor downstairs, a siiiiiiiiick DJ playing some "diiiirty tracks", and a hilarious room on the side with the video game Rock Band set up for people to play. It was absolutely amazing.

Me and Gats

Good fooooooood

Aaron just totally rockin' it out

Putting the "Rock" in R&D

Our turn to rock

Hahaha this is hilarious

The 2 Roses

The progression of over-excitement

Cabernet throwin' it down

Gats, Cabernet, and nlockwood showing 'em how it's done

Haha, Sarah's hair had a mind of it's own

Rollin' out

More random confused-look street photos

Matt and I eventually went to Tommy's Joynt to get some 2am Brisket!!

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