Sunday, January 04, 2009

Arriving in Toronto

I met up with Matt and his Mom in London last week and then took the train with Matt to Toronto. That was totally sweet and we had a bunch of time to catch up well about everything that is going on lately.

Also Matt broke the news to us... Matt and Kim are ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for them and hopefully more details soon about when and where the wedding will be. Super awesome.

We had a nice long talk on the way to Toronto and then chilled out in the afternoon, eventually going to the Eaton Centre, Swiss Chalet for Dinner and watching a bunch of movies at Alex's place. Good times!

Tuesday morning I went out with Dana from Waterloo Frosh Leading for a nice breakfast before she left Toronto for New Years. That was super fun and great to catch up! Then off to get poutine with Matt Phillips and (finally) I got to meet Patrick, one of Matt's good friends in Toronto. Awesome!

Tuesday afternoon I had the best shopping experience of my life. :) Seriously!! It was quite glorious. So... I have had my eye on a SWEEEEEEEET double-breasted black peacoat jacket from RW&Co. since last winter. I tried one on, it was amazing, and then I DIDN'T BUY IT. Big mistake. I have literally been thinking about it for a year, and so I thought I'd try my luck at the Eaton Centre. They didn't have what I wanted, and what they had was sortof cool but the wrong size. D'oh! So we went to Yorkdale and it was GLORIOUS. They had 1 LEFT! It was just PERFECT. Exactly what I was looking for, exactly my size, perfect fit, AND on sale. It was absurd how awesome this was!! Then I found a couple of pairs of jeans which looked nice and were on sale. And the rec Canada toque with earflaps that I wanted to get at Roots? They sure didn't have it in London, Waterloo, or at the Eaton Centre... but I walked into Roots at Yorkdale, walked right up to a sale rack that had the coolest Canada toque on it (also on sale), tried it on, freaked out, a cute girl laughed at me and said, "Hehe, it looks good! You should buy it!", and then I walked straight to the counter and bought it. DONE! So yes, best shopping day ever.

Then some lady at Tim Hortons told Matt and I that we looked "artistic" (and I said, "thanks"), and asked us where to get a comic book calendar for her son. Hilarious.

Then back down to Matt's place to drop off all my stuff.

Matt and I in London

Breakfast with Dana

Lunch with Patrick and Matt

Books I got with my Chapters Gift Certificate

My amazing peacoat!!!!!!!!

CN Tower at night

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