Sunday, January 04, 2009

Dinner and drinks in Toronto

Tuesday night I went out for dinner with a bunch of great people that I know from way different places - Patrick (from Pixar), Yung and Jeremy (from Waterloo), Yuan (my Dad's old grad student), Tatsuya (from Starz with Yung and Siggraph and Texas A&M), Sarah and her boyfriend (from OSSSA), Matt and Kim (from London)... it was amazing!!

After some great dinner at Mengrai Gourmet Thai in Toronto, we went out to the Imperial Pub near the Eaton Centre (which was amazing!!) and Nash, Slams, and Finkel met us there. Great times. The Imperial Pub rocked, and from there we went to the Rex and stayed there until close, listening to some live jazz and chillin' some more.

P.Cole, Tatsuya and Yuan

Yuan, Yung and Jeremy

Me, Sarah, P.Cole, Tatsuya and Yuan

This REALLY good Litchi and Cranberry juice that I got

Amazing!! I got a Thai Red Curry with Litchis in a pineapple!

Everyone having fun

Heev and I looking pensive

Slams and I rockin' out, and me in my AMAZING NEW COAT!!

Word up


And another, more awkward cheers

Yung and I looking sharp

Another pensive photo

Haha, and... we're a crazy bunch


Then we walked by City Hall where they were setting up for New Years

Lots of snow

Live Jazz at the Rex


Hip hop flava

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