Monday, January 19, 2009

New camera accessories I'm looking at

Along with my new camera I'm going to need a couple things right away, like a camera bag and a new large capacity memory card.

The cool part about the new Canon SLRs is that they take SD cards, which rocks. I already have 2 SanDisk Ultra II cards in 2 Gb size, which is reasonable, but I'm gonna need faster cards and much higher capacity (since the new SLR is supposed to be 15 Megapixels... i.e. loooooots of Mb per photo!!)

So I'm looking at a few things, the SanDisk Extreme III 8Gb cards are pretty cheap - only $32!! Amazing. So I'll get one of those to start, and probably a UV Filter to protect my lenses. I've got a 75-300 lens already, and I'm gonna get an 18-55 presumably with the camera itself.

Also thinking I might get the Canon 50mm 1.8 lens as well. Stephan has it already, and Brian has the 1.4 version of that lens too. It seems awesome, and I think I'd probably use it a whole lot.

SanDisk Extreme III 8Gb card

This is pretty sweet, a Canon bag, UV Filter, and an extra battery. I'll prob get this too.

This is the lens I am thinking about getting too.

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David said...

I highly recommend that lens. Half of my best shots were taken with that one. It's worth it even though the autofocus is noisy and slow.

-David Wallace