Saturday, January 03, 2009

Lucasfilm Holiday Party 2008

Alrighty! Finally time to catch up on some blogging from the past few weeks. I'm still in Canada on vacation, but finally had a chance to do some blogging... so here we go!

About 3 weeks ago, we had our work holiday party and it was again, UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!

As you might recall from last year's post, this is the most amazing party ever. It was SO much fun. This year the theme was "Winter Carnival", and there were caricatures, photo booths, a sleigh and a winter ice chair to get photos in, and tons of hilarious and fun carnival games: wack-a-mole, those water spray balloon ones, a cotton candy machine... everything! Gats and I busted some sick dance skills, and met up with Frizzle, Stephan, PhysB, Cabernet and all the rest of the G-Moneys. It was glorious. The employee art exhibit showed off the talent of our colleagues, and the food was fantastic, and the dance floor was rockin'. How could it be any more amazing?!!!!

Getting fancy

Carnival tickets!

Gats and Jutes


Yes, a carnival ride, inside!!!!!! This was amazing.

Frizz hittin' up the food

Catsin' it

Gingerbread Man

Then, due to the wintery conditions, we had trouble getting the car to start

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