Saturday, January 31, 2009

Movie Review: Let the right one in

Tonight I saw the Swedish drama/horror/love story/pain of adolescence/coming of age/vampire flick, "Let the right one in".

The genre of this film is generally hard to classify. It ranges from some pretty gross horror moments to some absolutely tender and powerfully moving sections of tender boyhood girl-next-door first love kindof feelings. It was really awesome.

It's not without a few faults, some pretty intense scenes and some very strong archetypes, but the general theme of the movie is very passionate despite covering a wide range of genres and topics.

The acting from the two young actors is just amazing, and laced with so many complex feelings and emotions - of confusion, of first love, of growing up and attacking (literally) your problems. The loneliness and need for friendship, companionship, love and mutual understanding between the two young kids is heartbreaking. There are some interesting moments where the young boy feels comfortable telling the young girl the truth about the bullies at his school - things he won't even tell his own parents. He confides in her and in turn, she confides in him. It's a very cute and powerful story, which acts as a great canvas to have some exciting action scenes, too!

What a great movie!

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