Saturday, April 03, 2010

San Fr-ang-sisco

My legendary old buddy Angie came to visit SF a couple weeks ago, and it was freakin' awesome. We did a whole ton of SF stuff - Marin Headlands, Muir Woods, Ferry Bldg, Bi-Rite, Delfina's, etc etc etc! It's always fun to show off "my" city ;p Ang did a bunch of exploring when I was at work and she really conquered the heck outta this place, as expected. :) I think she may have walked this entire city! Great times, and great memories as always.

Great pic of GG Bridge, Baker Beach, Presidio and the Richmond district from Angie's plane!

Cool gun deer thing from a bar we went to on Divisadero

Angie and Grits, no doubt discussing something of legendary importance and scope


Legen-(wait for it)-dary

ET Phone Home

Muir Woods'in it

The teacher, always learning :)


Loved the lighting in this spot

My favourite pic of the whole trip


Tim Burton-y plant life

Squishy face

Picnic at Muir Beach, and finally had a chance to bust out the Lucas Picnic Basket!

Great times

Before these crowded streets

We are very serious about grammatical correctness

Angie's favourite local beer

Enjoying the sunshine and the bridge

Angie's favourite view of SF :)


Sweet Helicopter

Off we go for St. Paddy's

Flatironed hair + Shamrocks, for the win

Hanging with some of the Lucas peeps, and a magical beer tower!


So many varied emotions in this photos

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