Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Mike Jutan's World - now in HD :)

I've been noticing some pretty gross formatting issues on the blog lately, especially since the YouTube move to HD and the fact that I took a bunch of HD videos in Japan with my camera. You'll notice today the format of this blog is wider, and the fonts have been enlarged a bit, too.

I was going to change the template, and the format even more, but I experimented with a bunch of stuff tonight and I didn't like any of it - so back to the good 'ol reliable polka-dots. You will notice a wider main window, and some items shifted around, etc. This is mostly to accommodate high-def YouTube links, and also just to do some spring cleaning.

I've also re-blogged all the video posts from Japan. All standard-def videos are now larger, and all high-def videos are now as wide as possible for this format. If you're watching an HD video, I still suggest clicking twice on the video to be linked to YouTube, where you can watch it in 720p.

Any comments, please let me know!

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