Thursday, April 08, 2010

More Audio research: In-ear noise isolation earphones

Since I've been obsessing about Audio so much lately I figured I should step it up and finally get some noise-isolation headphones so I don't have to listen to all the people yelling at each other every time I take the bus :) This will also be AMAZING next time I take a long bus, train or plane trip. Awesome stuff.

I wasn't gonna go for a noise-cancellation option, those are the ones that send out an opposing signal to cancel out all the noise around you. Instead, noise-isolation is basically earplugs + earphones, so this should do the trick.

Here's the ones I was looking at, mostly based on What HiFi's reviews, and some comparative reviews on PCMagazine, CNet and a few other sites. I also read a bunch of User Reviews, and I've found those actually tend to be pretty good too, especially the ones.

Here's the general list:
I ended up going with the Shure SE115's. The Black ones are on B&H Photo-Video's site for $69, and if you don't mind the Red colour, (actually it's pretty nice), the Red ones are on B&H for $59, pretty good deal given that they are about $129 list, and they also come with a pretty solid carrying case. The cables look nice and thick too, which is good cause I can be pretty tough on headphones!

(Note following this post from last night: B&H is a fantastic store and well worth your support. They are closed on Jewish holidays and on Friday night-Sat night for the sabbath, but it's always well worth ordering from them. Their support and quality of service is unmatched! I bought my camera and lenses from them, as well as other electronics like these headphones. Their price is usually matched or very close to other online retailers, but personally I really like supporting this company. I like their attitude, and I love their quality.)

Cables look pretty solid

They look sweet

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