Saturday, April 03, 2010

Tim Reynolds TR3 live in San Francisco

A couple nights ago Tim Reynolds and his band TR3 played at the Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco and it was an absurdly good show. Cool to see Tim really rock it out in his own style, not with DMB where I've always seen him before. His style is much louder, much more electric, more pedals and delay and wah effects. Very cool and super rocky compared to all the stuff I've heard before from him. It's was a lot different than I expected, a lot more hard rock, but also a lot of blues and bluesy stuff which was super awesome. This dude is a guitar powerhouse. The bassist and drummer in TR3 were sick too, and you'd have to be to keep up with Timmy! Great show, and ran into P.Cole there too which was sweet.

He started with a frickin' Led Zeppelin song, and playing on a Gibson Flying V. Dis-gust-ting.

More rockin'

Hey, it's P.Coleman!! Ran into Patrick and we concluded that this show rocked pretty hard.

More absurd guitar skills

Sorry for the bad quality Cell Phone video :) This was an awesome show!

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