Monday, June 18, 2012

Cholesterol WIN!

Wow, awesome news.

Last time I got my LDL and HDL cholesterol tested they were both out of the standard range - the doc suggested reducing cheese and eggs. The other way to reduce it? EPIC weight loss.

Anyway amazing news, just re-tested and I drastically dropped LDL (by quite a lot) and raised HDL (it's supposed to be higher not lower) and it's now in a good range too. Awesome. It's really easy to see and revel in the obvious benefits of weight loss- nice new clothes, looking sharp, etc. But these "internal" changes are much MORE important in the long run, and you don't see them day-to-day or even really think about them... So that's pretty awesome to see some excellent and drastic changes inside too :)

This is pretty damn motivating actually. You can't "see" it, but your body is really high-fiving your progress.

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