Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Oh, awesome. Phillip Phillips won American Idol!

While I was away in Argentina it looks like the American Idol season finished. Surprisingly, and AWESOMELY, the acoustic/folky/jazzy/rock singer Phillip Phillips won which is super awesome. I didn't see too many of the episodes but I randomly caught a few including his performance of Dave Matthews Band's "The Stone" which is an EPIC and incredibly tough song to do well and he just rocked it so fierce.

This is super cool, I guess as part of the American Idol deal he will put out a record of his own songs, which is awesome cause he seems very stick-to-his-guns style with his musical ideals and he's drawn a lot of comparisons to Dave Matthews over the past few months, (i.e., I clearly am gonna love this album). Psyched to hear that something with some heart and soul can win a pop music contest... that rocks. I'm pretty keen to hear his album. Come on DMB, get Phillip to open for you guys!!

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