Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thank you, Picasa :)

Oh sweet glory.

I am about to start posting my photos like crazy from my South America trip and my trip blog, and Google/Picasa/Blogger/Picasa Web Albums have finnaaaaaaaalllly removed the 5-photo-per-upload blogging limit when uploading :) Oh thank goodness. :)

I've been creatively working around that issue for years, most recently by emailing photos to my special Blogger email-to-post email address and then captioning the photos after they had uploaded to a draft blog post. In the past I also had to have a 2nd window open with Facebook running, so I could type captions into Facebook at the same time as I typed them into the blog. No more! It looks like Picasa sorted this out gloriously, and now I can easily caption the photos in Picasa once and then upload to Google+ and share them (with captions attached), upload them to Facebook and share them (with captions attached), and then load in MULTIPLE PHOTOS AT THE SAME TIME yessssssss into Blogger and have the captions still attached. This is gonna save me years of blogging time :)

Thanks you epic fiends at Blogger/Picasa/Google+, well done!

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