Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Microsoft Surface: ballllerrrrr!

Jeez, this is awesome.

Bold and baller move by Microsoft here, and a really exciting looking system. Crazy that Microsoft made their own machine - NOT created by Dell, HP, etc as usual. Really upping the ante for tablet computing.

The screen is 16x9 ratio which is a major gripe I've always had with the iPad - a device meant to encourage video watching and it's not in the correct aspect ratio... always bugged me. Will be fascinating to see how they handle the mobile SD card reading (it has a microSD slot) and mobile blogging (it has this Smart Cover keyboard thing). Could be pretty awesome.

I am definitely gonna be getting Win8 for my Desktop, but I suspect they are putting in a ton of effort to get this Surface and Win8 desktops to co-exist nicely. Very cool stuff.

PS. just saw a blog from the event and they have it running friggin' Adobe Lightroom. Now THAT's a mobile blogging solution. Crazy.

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