Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Fat Former Self (photo #4)

Here is the next installment in the famed "Fat Former Self" photo series! I'm happy to announce, as I was hoping to say, that on my recent trip to South America "I didn't gain a bunch of weight, and I still had fun." Awesome times. I'm now down 32 lbs since I started and sitting comfortably at 179 lbs - easily back at my Grade 12 high school weight. Insane.

The trip was epic and we crushed the Inca Trail - an amazing challenge and a truly fantastic experience. It would have been a LOT harder and wayyyy less enjoyable had I not gotten my act together and still been my previous weight (32 LBS HEAVIER). Crazy.

Anyhow, here's another addition to my self-imposed internet meme "Fat Former Self".

The progress continues! I'm now aiming for 170 lbs as (likely) my end weight loss goal, and I'm going to start stepping it up harder at the gym now and focusing more on strength training in the next 6 months. When I hit 170 lbs I'll post one more "Fat Former Self" photo, but after that I'll be focusing on strength training rather than further weight loss. So perhaps I'll need to start a new series called "Scrawny Former Self"?! :)

(Here's the explanation again, if you think I'm insane for posting these):
Now, why the hell would I intentionally post horrible photos of me at an earlier weight? Well... lots of reasons. It's fun to share a sort of ridiculous before/after style photo with friends, but more importantly, this is my way of increasing social pressure on myself to make sure I maintain this weight loss. By tracking down horrid photos of me as "Fat Former Self" (and also, referring to my old pics as that), I'm celebrating how much happier I am with my weight loss/fitness progress so far. Each photo reminds me further why I'm so glad I've made these healthy changes, and how I never want to drop the ball in the future and end up re-gaining this weight.

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