Thursday, September 15, 2005

More Siggraph pictures from August

Hey all,

I am at my buddy Alex's house in Toronto at the moment and we finally exchanged the rest of the pictures from Siggraph. Sweet!!

Here are a few more cool ones from Siggraph last month in Los Angeles.

Me walking the streets of Hollywood

Hollywood Blvd

My hands are the same size as Tom Hanks' hands, sweeet

Rock on, it's Steven Spielberg's hand prints!

Me next to the best star here!!

Hangin' out at the Kodak Theatre

Hollywood sign on the hills

Our Hotel in LA

Walking around at Siggraph

Matt and I at Siggraph

Sony sketching booth

Someone in a light suit for motion capture

The Apple booth

A cool motion capture Pirate dude

More motion capture pirate action

Super cool rotation screen in the Emerging Technologies exhibit

Cool portable map screens in the Emerging Technologies exhibit

Alex heading back to Canada

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