Sunday, September 04, 2005

Waterloo Frosh Week: Day 2

Oh man Frosh Week kicked off today and it roooockkkkkkss!!!!!!!!!!!!

We started off with a super early meeting at 6:45am (ouch) but then quickly moved onto breakfast and getting started with move-in and kit registration. My foot is getting better but is still is reasonably bad shape so I got to do Kit Registration at Ron Eydt Village today and stay off my foot which was really really good.

Kit Reg rocked and it is super awesome to see all the first years and how excited they are to be at University. Hehe it is a good time when people come up to get their Frosh Kits and they are so excited and you can tell right away that they are going to be on VOC next year. :)

Melanie and I did Kit Reg for a while and it was super awesome with help from Anna and some of the other VOC homeys. Good times all around. Here's some pics from today!

Mike, my region leader

Rachel, Sarah and Ashley at our super early 6:45am meeting

Sleeping at the early morning meeting

Anna and Melanie getting into the groove at Ron Eydt Kit Registration

Hehe good times...

Hard at work

Me and Melanie and our sweet Kit Registration table vibe

Saba, Alex and Me hangin' out

Dana helping hand out Frosh T-Shirts

The boys taking a nap on the frosh kits

Andrew "Skills-ing" Skilling in his "Jutan pose"

Anna and I looking like you wouldn't want to meet us in a dark alley

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