Monday, September 19, 2005

Rock Climbing at John's house

This weekend I went to Toronto to hang out with some old friends from Alias and also to see Matt and Alex and hang out with those guys. Good times!!

We went to Spring Rolls (a Thai Restaurant) 3 times in 3 days, so that was pretty sweet, that is some good food. We got to John's house to go rock climbing on his home climbing wall that is along the outside of his house, crazy eh?! It rocked and it was definitely a good time.

Matt workin' it 'ol school

Alex before the wall climbing

John excited about his new shoes

Me on my first climb of the day

Matt making it look easy

Alex trying to figure out where to start!!

Matt getting some expert advice on the routes...

Alex taking a well needed break

Me on the white taped route

Trusting very much in the sturdiness of that huge orange foot hold...

Sweet! Around the corner of the house

John doing the low route

Matt after lots of sweet climbing

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