Friday, September 09, 2005

Waterloo Frosh Week: Day 3-6

Frosh week is awesome!! I am having a great time and meeting some awesome people too. It has been very busy so here is another post about the last few days.

Monday was great and I did Kit Reg at V1 on Monday. That was fun and then Monday night was Opening Ceremonies and as usual I was breakdancing on stage and acting crazy and cheering lots and getting everyone excited. Lots of fun (except for breakdancing when my foot is hurt, hehe I was careful I promise!!) My group is amazing, I am a leader in the South Region and it is great to see how much fun all of the first year students are having and how excited they are to be at University!!

Tuesday was Village Variety Night and I went to the concert and bonfire first which was amazing, followed by the dance at Fed Hall which was also nuts. We went to yet another party after that night and stayed there until about 4am, super fun times!! I love hanging out with the VOC people since they are all really nice and friendly.

Wednesday we didn't have any official activities, but some of us were hanging out anyway. I met up with Andrew, Darren and Mark to practice for the leader band as we are playing guitar on stage for Friday's carnival day.

Thursday was also cool and most of the day I played guitar with Andrew and Mark. In the evening we got dressed up in fancy clothes and we had a leader dinner which was really fancy and soooo good. I loved it and from there we went to Monte Carlo night which was great, I danced a lot and talked to some leaders and then went outside for some live jazz music and then danced some more before heading home. It was a great time and I am really excited for the rest of the week too. Tomorrow we are playing guitar on stage for about 1 or 2 hours, I am totally psyched for that and I think it is going to go very well.

Moving day is tiring

Word up

Leaders having fun at lunchtime

Conrad and I on move in day

VOC Leader dinner before Monte Carlo night

Fancy times

Andrew "Skills-ing" and Steph

Joel in what might be the best photo ever taken

Fancy decorations, sweeeeeeeet

More leaders all dressed up

South Region, my awesome group

And a hip hop version of the previous photo

Me with Joel in what might be the weirdest picture ever taken

Marty looking pensive

Sumeet and I looking slick but scary

Melanie and I saying "Word up"

Andrew and I at the leader partaayy

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