Saturday, September 03, 2005

Waterloo Frosh Orientation Week: Day 1

Frosh week started today! For those of you who don't know, Frosh week is the week long orientation that we run at the University of Waterloo for all the new first year students. There are 2 different frosh week sections, VOC (or Village Orientation Committee) and Faculty frosh week. The first years have a bunch of activities planned for them by both of these groups and I am once again a leader for VOC, meaning that my frosh leading partner and I are the "floor leaders" for one house in Waterloo residence. It is going to be super awesome and I found out which floor I will be leading today. Sweeeeeeeeet!!

Today was Frosh Kit stuffing, so we went to Village 1 (the main residence) and put together all of the kits that the first years will be getting. This has stuff in it like maps of the campus, fridge magnets, pens, food, coupons for businesses around campus and stuff like that. After this I made a poster for my floor and then went to meet the Don (RA) that will be on the floor where I will be frosh leading. After this we went to one of our group member's houses and made banners and posters and got together some ideas for our opening ceremonies skit. This is always a good time and I think they want me to be the mascot for our team this year which is awesome. That means I get to dress up in a Cyclops costume (the theme of Frosh week this year is Monsters) and do crazy stuff on stage in front of about 5000 people. Good times!! I think they want me to breakdance again so we'll see how it goes. I picked out some good music for the dancing part so that'll be super fun.

Tomorrow is move in day and we help people move into their new residences. Also we give out the frosh kits, talk to the parents, and generally welcome people to the University. It'll be lots of fun.

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