Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Arizona Day 1: Grand Canyon!

We got up super early in San Francisco on Saturday morning and headed to the airport. I met Julien's friends Kristine and Fred from Paris. They were really nice and it was fun to practice some of my French!

The plane was on time and pretty empty, and since we got up at 4:55am (ouch), we caught up on some sleep on the plane.

We got to Phoenix and headed to the rental car place, rented a Mazda 5 and Julien drove for 2 hrs to Flagstaff. We ended up going to "Historical Flagstaff", which in reality seemed more like a bunch of hippies and skater kids?! Random. Anyway it was fun, we went to a saloon diner place and got some food, and it was pretty much on the train tracks. Part of the "attraction" to the place was that a suuuuper loud train roared by and honked its horn about once every 5 minutes!! Man it was crazy there!

After Flagstaff I drove the rest of the way to Tusayan. We went right into the Grand Canyon park, wandered for a while, and walked some ways to Hopi Point to see the sunset! Then we headed back, checked into The Grand Hotel in Tusayan, and went out for dinner. Julien and his 2 French friends all got a light salad for dinner (good choice), and I heard the special (Beef Ribs) and thought it would be fun, it was good but it was sooooo messy and I think I offended Julien's friends by eating like a 5 year old. :) I REALLY could have used a bib there. And probably several wet cloths (and more napkins too, while we're at it) :)

That was fun and then we went to bed early.

Julien on the airport transfer bus

Julien's friends Kristine and Fred


Cool open road

U.S.A.!! U.S.A.!!

Fred and Kristine at lunch

Arizona license plate

Train coming by

Cool old car

Me and Julien!!

All of us at lunch

Me at the Grand Canyon



Word up

Another one of me and the mountain

Julien wandering

Awesome sunshine!!

Julien and the sunset



Antlers on the walls

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