Saturday, May 10, 2008

Eduardo's going-away party

Our good friend and co-worker Eduardo is leaving ILM and moving to Boston. We are gonna miss him!! So we had a great excuse to party hard and get some nice food.

Thursday lunch we went to get Dim Sum in the Sunset, then off to Pres a Vi for dinner on Thursday night (it was sooooooo fancy!) Then Friday we went to Final Final for a "final" farewell. Good luck for your move, Eduardo!

Scott, Jianmin and Julien out for Dim Sum

Collette, R.Rose and Eduardo ready for lunch!

Yisheng, Zoran, Aaron and Scott diggin' in

Eduardo testing out the wine selection

Mmm... cheese plate

Fancy wine tasting... in a mechanic shirt :)

The pile of moolah we paid with?!!

Awesome group picture of me, Eduardo and Julien

Alex and I at Final Final

Haha great pic of Yisheng

Good times


Classy shot of Julien and Eduardo

Me and Louise

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