Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Movie Reviews: Iron Man & Speed Racer

Yesterday I went to both Iron Man & Speed Racer and they were both, shall we say, freakin' awesome.

Re: Iron Man...
Robert Downey Jr. just rocks the house in this movie. The acting is totally solid, the computer gadgets, cars, architecture, robots, suit, etc are just so insanely awesome!! The story is sharp, the script is witty at just the right moments, maaaaaaaan is it good. Great story, great acting, awesome effects (yeah ILM!!!!!!) All around awesome movie.

Re: Speed Racer...
Boom!!!!!! An explosion of colour and energy, it's like watching an animated kaleidescope. Worth seeing just for the effects, which were really unique, insane, and mind-blowing!!! INSANE!!! The Wachowski Brothers did the same kind of revolution in visual storytelling that they did with the first Matrix movie, I think. It was pretty freakin' radically different than any movie you've ever seen. Amazing work. The story felt like it was more for younger kids at some points, but the movie often didn't take itself very seriously and that was good. Really solid, interesting effects and just totally new and awesome. Well done!!

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