Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Arizona Day 2: Grand Canyon and back to Phoenix

On Sunday we got up early, had breakfast at the hotel and then went back to the Grand Canyon for several hours, it was SO awesome and beautiful. We did some light hiking, then ran into an entire class of Geology students from MacMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario! I talked to them "in Canadian" for a few minutes, and they were really nice (obviously, they were Canadian!) :) Good times.

We drove back via a bunch of scenic lookouts, and got to Flagstaff. I bought some sunglasses (forgot mine in San Francisco), and we went to Chili's for dinner before I drove the long distance back from Flagstaff to Phoenix.

We dropped off Julien's friends at the airport and then took a cab to our hotel in Scottsdale... for the Maya API Developers Conference!!!!!!

The hotel is sooo cool, and on arrival we got a free warm chocolate chip cookie?!!! Amazing! Julien and I wandered around for a while, super excited, took a banana and apple from a basket in the weight room, checked into our room and unpacked. Then we had a nice swim in the pool, and it was still 25 Celcius outside at 11pm!!

We were dripping wet in our towel when I saw Martin Watt walk by, and we chatted with him for a bit and then headed back to the room. Then we booted up the laptop and practiced our presentation again for Wednesday this week at the conference. This hotel is amazing!

Julien and a sculpture

Me kissing a toy horse

Kristine and Fred at breakfast

Julien and the Canyon


I'm doing an arm photo too!

Some sort of alluring photo?


Haha, this bird was sooo fat and was waddling around!

Julien and I at the canyon


The end of the canyon

Cool tree

Me at a really steep cliff

Another one of me at the cliff


Julien at the edge of the cliff

More canyon

At Chili's for dinner

Our hotel room!


Fancy desk and leather chair

Free cookie!!

$5 water, anyone?!!!

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