Saturday, May 10, 2008

Maya API Developers Conference: Day 3 and our ILM Presentation

The final day of the conference was even more fantastic than the first two. A couple of good reasons for that were...
  1. Amazing Autodesk presentations about threading and viewport manipulation
  2. Martin Watt's presentation was exceptionally interesting/awesome
  3. Dean Edmonds is as good a comedian as he is an API Programmer :)
  4. Julien and I presented our talk!!
  5. See #4 :)
The sessions were:
  • Developing a Production Workflow: Greg Elshoff, LAUNCH
  • Leveraging the power of multicore machines by threading plugins: Martin Watt, Autodesk
  • Rendering Tricks using the Maya API/Scripting: Jason Walter, Autodesk
  • Solution Session: Dean Edmonds, Autodesk
  • Maya & the ILM Visual Effects Pipeline: Julien Cohen Bengio and Mike Jutan, ILM

We shared the final session timeslot with Dean, and it worked out really well. Dean's presentation was really interesting, useful (and really hilarious too), and then he handed it off to us and we did our presentation on Maya & the ILM Visual Effects Pipeline. Awesome.

It was such a great experience and we both really enjoyed presenting and sharing our experiences with everyone there. What a great conference!

Here are some pictures from the last day of the conference. Note that there are some of our presentation, and I've blurred out the content. I'm not sure if it's possible to post it, and I assume it's not, so I've blurred those images (sorry).

The hotel and the weather were amazing


Lunchtime again

Julien going to town on a burrito

More lunch tables

Haha the "putting green" :)

Practicing our talk

More practice

Just before the talk

The room we presented in

Here we go!!

Discussing Maya usage

Julien laughing at one of my jokes

Q: "Why do we all love Computer Graphics programming?"
A: "Inspiration!"

Scott and I climbing the hotel pillars

At Chili's To Go at the airport

Good times

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