Monday, May 12, 2008

KFOG Kaboom 2008 fireworks and movies in San Rafael

Last night was sweeeeet. I went to the KFOG Kaboom concert and fireworks show with Aliza and maaan what a cool show!! The music was pretty sweet, and the fireworks were insane!! It was a good 20 min of fireworks to music, and just sooo cool. Afterwards we met up with Stephan, Katherine and John for some drinks.

This morning I met Stephan and Katherine again and we drove up to San Rafael to meet Frank, Jess, Eric, Seth and Alex to go see a "double feature!" We got some food, and then went to see Iron Man (awesome). Then more food, chillin' and then back to the same theatre to see Speed Racer (also awesome). Good times!!

Wahoo picnic!!

The fog rolls in

Awesome fireworks


Lots of cool ones like planets, hearts and 3D cubes!!

The Bay Bridge

Stephan laughing at Katherine for some reason :)

Haha, the Mini Cooper that Frank thinks I need to buy

Stephan and Katherine at lunch

Wall-E bench!!!!!!!!

Frank and I out for dinner

Alex and Eric


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