Saturday, October 31, 2009

Banff is awesome

Hanging out in Banff and it is just amazing. I can see the Rockies from my hotel room window! Absurd. There are HUGE mountains on either side of the highway, no cars (and thankfully no elk either!)

Today we hiked at Lake Louise and it was frickin' glorious, it's that usual milford-sound-y/mountainy/cliff-y situation that you always see on postcards or as the typical Canadian image. VERY cool. Actually, it was cold as a beast, the weather is ok (like 5 Celcius, not too much rain or snow) but the wind picked up on the hike. We finished the hike along the rim of the lake itself, and the view was painfully spectacular. We wanted tea and scones so damn bad afterwards and the fancy Fairmont Lake Louise Hotel had a tea place, complete with "the" view of Lake Louise, plus (yes), tea and scones. It was so awesome I wanted to punch myself in the face, but I had a lot of winter clothing on so that was tough. :) haha.

Anyway it rocked. Earlier in the day we went to Johnston Canyon, which was a nice really fast-flowing waterfall, and a bunch of icey walkways to it. We slip and slided for a while to get there, and it was fun. After Lake Louise we had planned to go to Moraine Lake but, unfortunately, the road is closed now for the winter... boo-earns. Instead we checked out the town of Banff itself, and spent like $20 each in a really awesome old-school candy shoppe in Banff itself. We hung out at the hotel tonight and in an outdoor heated pool while it was snowing outside, that was really fun/glorious.

We had planned to go into British Columbia a little if possible, we'll see if we have time for it. Otherwise there is lots more cool stuff to see around Banff, hot springs and gondola rides and tons of coolness. Turns out Western Canada is frickin' sick, not a huge surprise :)

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