Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Donkey Sanctuary and Granny arriving

We stopped by the Donkey Sanctuary (seriously) on the way to Toronto to pick up Granny from the airport. This is a VERY sweet place where injured and maltreated donkeys come for rehabilitation and good care. (Read about the History here). From there we went to Toronto and got some Swiss Chalet before picking up Granny from the airport.

Granny is now here!! She was very tired from the long flight (20 hours or so!) but she is now mostly over the jetlag and is really excited and happy here in Canada. We are doing a lot of fun stuff together and it's really a special time to have everyone home here together.

Funny poodle at the donkey sanctuary

Mom and a donkey


This guy was chillin'

Hilarious sheep, her name is "Werther" haha!

Sheepin' it

Getting ready to welcome Granny

She said she felt like "The Queen of England"! :)

4 generations of Jutans

Dad very happy

Dad and Norm very excited that Granny is here

Having tea and scones with Marjorie

Me reading Granny "Where the Wild Things Are" in preparation for watching the movie this Friday!

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