Sunday, October 18, 2009

Grocery Delivery: Now not just for "the lazy"

Holy crap this rocks.

I just got back last night from a glorious week of awesome in Canada, and I knew I'd be coming back to an absolutely bare fridge, and I'd be keen for some nice breakfast and coffee with milk on Sunday morning... and I'd be tired and a bit jet-lagged, so going on a huge grocery shop would be insane/busy/I don't have a car, so also kinda inconvenient/ZipCar-y.

Anywaaaaay, on Friday night from Canada, I logged onto frickin' Safeway's site and ordered groceries online, while IN CANADA, and set the delivery window to be when I would be back on Sunday morning. AMAZING. If you order enough, the delivery cost is free. Even if you have to pay for delivery, it's still like $9 which is well less than renting a ZipCar for 2 hours just to get groceries. Truly AMAZING. The website saves your previous purchases, you can order frozen stuff, fruit and veg, milk, cheese, even like Ice Cream and other generally complicated stuff. It is REALLY impressive. I also like that you can see all the nutritional info right there - often I am in the store and something looks tasty or I'm hungry and I just buy it anyway, and with this I can be choosier and only pick healthier stuff or lower-calorie options. I found out the pudding cups I love have 180 calories per tub, that's INSANE. Instead got some 50 calorie yoghurts (no splenda or corn syrup either, just less sugar), and some 100% natural apple sauce... much better choices.

Living in a big city like this and not having a car (other than car sharing), this makes waaaaaay more sense than even taking the bus to the grocery store. It also saves a good 2-3 hours of running around and dropping off the ZipCar, etc. You order what you want (you even get all the same sales as in-store) and then they come at the right time window and literally dump it all on your kitchen floor. This couldn't possibly be more awesome or convenient... I am super impressed.

The cool thing about today was I didn't have to stress about running to the store or spend all morning going shopping... I did it 2 nights ago when I was up on the computer anyway (and in Canada!!!) and spent the morning cleaning the cupboards and doing housework until the food magically arrived... SO GREAT.

Hmm... what to eat for dinner tonight?! :)

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