Monday, October 26, 2009

GPS update: worked!

Woo! After a bit of a computer-based schlep to get the GPS maps updated in time for my Alberta trip, it's all working again now. I think I even got some fancy new TomTom GPS signal enhancer add on which helps the unit pick up satellite signals faster, pretty cool.

So yep that whole long story in the previous post? It worked! You need to manually delete the maps on the GPS unit, and then use Windows Explorer to copy everything over manually. It did take ~4 hours or so since it was 1.6 Gb of map data and it apparently has only a USB1.0 port. Crazy business!! Anyway it worked eventually which is sweeeeeeet (and means I don't need to try to return it back to Amazon, hooray!!)

Also another exciting computer-y update for this evening (been nerdin' it up, as you can see), I've got source control working on my web server now and this will help any random future efforts for art projects and stuff that Matt and I might be working on. Pretty awesssssssssome stuff.

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