Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rob Kutner and Sheryl Zohn's PSA on the Healthcare Debate

The famed Rob Kutner, legendary creator of "Jewno" (see post here), is now a writer for "The Tonight Show". (Yes, the friggin' tonight show with Conan O'Frickin' BRIEN - just the most hilarious comedian of our time, you know...) ;) Insane!!!!!!!

Along with now writing for Conan (probably my favourite comedian ever), Rob has also been busy at work on some other projects, including the following PSA on the Healthcare Debate. This short (as well as the hilarious "Jewno") were co-written by Rob's wife, writer Sheryl Zohn ( I like the Canadian shout-out too. Nice work, Rob!

"Don't change American Healthcare!"
IMPORTANT PSA on the Healthcare Debate
Written by: Rob Kutner & Sheryl Zohn

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